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"I run trophy horned bighorn/stumberg/dall hybrids on my place. I have been using HLS 16 multi-species tubs for 2 years now and the breed back rate is phenomenal. Today, (5-30-20) I just had twin rams born out of one my by best ewes, and she had her last baby November 22, 2019. The breed back HLS promotes with these tubs are legitimate."
Ryan Kirkpatrick
Tara Farms, Killeen, Texas
"I have been roping and rodeoing my whole life. I haul my horses all over the state and ask a lot out of them on a weekly basis. I have fed plenty of different supplements over the years, but NONE compare to EQUINE MAX. This supplement is simply amazing. I feed alfalfa cubes twice a day and let my horses have free choice on EQUINE MAX tubs (no grain). My horses look amazing and perform better than they ever have. This product is packed with minerals and my horses love it. People, if you are seriously looking for a product that will do it all, you got to try EQUINE MAX by Hudson Livestock Supplements. This product is affordable and is the absolute best product on the market."
Dee Gidney
San Angelo, Texas
"I started with Hudson Products 5 years ago. I have a ranch with white tail and exotics and had been through a range of products with minimal to average results. Hudson was recommended to me as a way to get the best product customized to my needs. Quality ingredients delivered in a manageable manner. I contacted Ronnie Hudson and the rest was easy. He arranged for me to work with his nutritionist who asked lots of questions relative to my location, range, supplemental feed, etc. The nutritionist had a wealth of experience and spoke in simple terms which was a pleasant surprise from most previous contacts. He developed a custom tub and I have had them available on the ranch 365 days a year since. The animal population immediately began using the tubs and the use was across the board in species and gender---bucks, does, fawns, exotics, white tail. General animal condition began to improve as did the horn growth and quality. Birth rate and survival immediately improved as a result of the improved animal nutrition and condition. This is very interesting as I was feeding a good quality 20% protein and the tubs gave a real bounce. I still feed the protein pellets, but on a reduced level. The more elusive species like red stag which seldom eat corn and would attend bulk feeders only at night will regularly come out of the brush and go to the tub to feed and then return to the brush---even with a bulk feeder in close proximity. This led to actually hunting the tubs and has been very effective. The custom Hudson tubs are a permanent part of my ongoing feed program."
Allen Rogers
Triple R Ranch, Harwood, Texas
"I’ve been using HLS tubs since 1990; nearly 30 years. I keep them in every pasture year-round’ 24 hours a day. This gives the calves the same access as the cows which results in heavier, healthier calves at weaning time. The chelated mineral package in the 15% tubs also helps the breed-back on cows, even in dry times. Additionally, the tubs are convenient and easy to put out. After using this product for so long, I would be afraid to not use it."
Mike Priddy
Talpa, Texas
"My wife and I ranch in southeast New Mexico. We have had a commercial herd on this ranch since the late 90’s. We started feeding HLS Advantage Stress 15% protein mineral tubs in 2013 after coming out of an extreme drought. Over the past six calving seasons, the conception rate has increased from the high 80’s to the mid 90’s, and the calving season has shortened. We have been in a drought most of this time, but we have witnessed a more consistent body condition of the cows and a consistent lactation through the inconsistent grass production. The cows’ body condition through the winter, even through late spring, after calving held much better with no winter moisture or spring rains. As soon as we got rain, the cows responded immediately. The calves grew at a uniform rate even through the extreme dry months. HLS formulated a custom tub to aid us with an increasing sulfur water problem, which is common in our area. The new tubs, in our opinion, have greatly reduced the number of sulfur poisonings in the last two years. We were having in excess of 15 to 20 cases a year. This year we have had only two. We feel the HLS protein mineral tubs increased our conception rate and maintained a constant nutritional balance for the cows and calves through the very erratic range conditions of the past years. By using the tubs, we feel this product is affordable and one of the most valuable tools in maintaining and keeping our herd producing."
Ross Chesser
Southeastern New Mexico
"We have been feeding HLS tubs to our horses here at Hart Quarter Horses for over ten years. They are the best! We feed year round switching to the fly tubs for summer. We also feed them to our cows, sheep, and goats. Makes fly control so easy!"
Collene Alexander
Hart Quarter Horses

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